Monday Morning Love – Eames Dining Chairs and a Secret

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know of my deep and abiding love of the Eames dining chair with wooden legs, so I thought I’d share some lovely dining rooms all using the chair, but with hugely varying looks.

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via (If you know the original source please let me know)

Photo via (If you know the original source please let me know)

(yes, I know the last image hasn’t got the exact same chair, but I’m including it because it’s amazing, and I love the Eames rocker too)

Now I need to let you in on a little secret I’ve been keeping. Last summer I was walking by my local Kitchen Stuff Plus and I spotted a replica version of the chair. I was so excited I even blogged about it, and asked your opinion on what I should do – buy the replicas, or keep my black dining chairs. The opinions were evenly split, and then my mom (who is a great sounding board for all my schemes) came down on the side of keeping my black spindle chairs. So keep them I did – for a few more months anyways.

In early spring I opened my email to discover Kitchen Stuff Plus was having a 25% off all furniture sale. Excuse me? (insert image of me mentally calculating while doing a happy dance). A savings of 25% times four dining chairs is practically one free chair! Now the sale was limited to only one item per day per customer, and I still had my black dining chairs, but Kitchen Stuff Plus has a rather amazing 30 day return policy. I therefore did what any other self-respecting lover of Eames style chairs, who also loves a sale, would do – I bought one chair a day over four days and schlepped them home (it’s a 1k walk). At the same time I listed my black chairs for sale on Craigslist and Kijiji with the promise to myself that if they didn’t sell within the 30 days the much-loved Eames dining chairs would be returned.Molded Eames Style dining chairsWithin a few days my black chairs were sold for $200, and that meant my dream chairs were finally mine. For those of you keeping track the chairs were normally $67.49 each. When you subtract the 25% they were $50.62 each or $202.48 for four. My four black dining chairs cost $71.28, which means when you subtract the $200 I got from their sale on I got four of my dream chairs for just $74. Eames style  dining chairThe moral of the story is eventually, if you’re patient enough, and crafty enough you can get exactly what you want.

PS – Kitchen Stuff Plus has no idea that I’m writing this post – I got a good deal so I thought I’d share.
PPS – The KSP 25% off all furniture sale is on again though September 22nd.

Finding Everything but What I Want

I’ve recently been on a ‘kinda-sorta’ search for a piece of furniture for my place. It’s a ‘kinda-sorta’ search because it’s not a need – more of a want, so every few weeks I troll Craigslist and Kijiji to see if magically what I want is available. Here’s where the difficulty lies – I very rarely find what I’m looking for, but instead find quite a number of things I’d buy if I only I had the space/money. Does this happen to anyone else, or am I the only one afflicted with this problem?

Last night I spent WAY more time than I should have looking online at other people’s used stuff, and since I found a few items I’d consider bringing home if I had the space, I thought I’d share.

Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs - $100 (Sellers image)

Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs – $100 each (Sellers image)

In all honestly I’m not sure if this is a great deal, but I think they’re pretty. One might be nice as a desk chair.

White Campaign Dresser  - $120 (Sellers image)

White Campaign Dresser – $120 (Sellers image)

I know Campaign style dressers have been quite popular recently. I can’t decide if I’d paint this a fun colour, or leave as-is. I rather like the white with the chrome.

Brass Bar Cart - $10 (Sellers image)

Brass Bar Cart - $10 (Sellers image)

Brass bar carts are usually pretty expensive.This one isn’t. It hasn’t got the most elegant lines, but for $10 I might be willing to overlook that.

Antique Cane Seat Chairs - $100 (Sellers image)

Antique Cane Seat Chairs - $100 for 4 (Sellers image)

I’m kind of in love with these chairs – aren’t they sweet? I think they’d be lovely around a small marble bistro table.

Brass Dining Chairs - $120 (Sellers Image)

Brass Dining Chairs – $120 for 6 (Sellers Image)

I really wish the seller had posted some other pictures of these chairs – I’d love to see the side profile. I think they could be pretty amazing if they were re-upholstered.

Mahogany Secretary - $600 (sellers Image)

Mahogany Secretary – $600 (sellers Image)

Surprisingly, this time I did find exactly what I wanted  for sale. Unfortunately it’s a bit on the pricy side. Also, it’s in another country. Isn’t it pretty though?

What do you think? Would you be tempted to bring any of the above home? Or am I a bit crazy?

Refinished Living Room Media Console

You may remember back in May I introduced you to the new-to-me console for my living room that I bought on Craigslist. After it’s introduction I worked on it pretty steadily, and it began its new life as my media console in July.

Here’s how it started:

My new Craigslist console

Here is the little piece of missing trim around the front:

The damaged trim on the front – I have no idea how I’m going to fix this.

Here is the damaged piece of veneer on one side:

The damaged veneer – it’s about the size of a deck of cards

And here it is, in all its refinished glory:

My refinished Craigslist console

The damaged trim – fixed. And you’ll never guess what I used to repair it.

Yup, those are wood chopsticks. I had been planning on using wood dowels, but they were just a wee bit too thin. I always have wood chopsticks around because I use them to stir small cans of paint and varnish. The chopsticks were the perfect size – I just cut them down and attached them with wood glue. After staining they’re not a perfect match as they’re a different type of wood, but from a distance it’s not really noticeable.

The damaged veneer has been fixed as well. I replaced the entire section which was a little bit of an adventure. I definitely learned some things. Here too it’s not a perfect repair, but given it’s location on the piece I’m not at all concerned.

Repaired veneer prior to staining

One other thing I did was build a shelf for the inside. I knew there was originally a shelf inside, but when I bought it there were only the supports remaining the shelf was removed at some point. I carefully measured the inside of the cabinet and then had Home Depot cut down a piece of plywood to fit.

The plywood shelf before staining and edge band

I then used the walnut edge banding left over from my dresser project to finish the visible edge of the shelf. After being sanded, stained and protected I can now use the entire space again for storage.And now a few more pictures as I’m pretty happy with the end results.So there you have it – my second furniture refinishing project completed. What do you think – not bad for a $40 Craigslist find is it?Linked to: Primitive & Proper, The Kurtz Corner, {Primp}, Beyond the Picket Fence, {AKA} Design, Addicted 2 Decorating, Craft-O-Maniac, Sumo’s Sweet Stuff, Polish the Stars, Coastal Charm, The Kurtz Corner, Mod Vintage Life, Handy Man, Crafty Woman, Polkadots on Parade, The Shabby Nest, Miss Mustard Seed