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BlogPodium 2013 – A Long Delayed recap

On Saturday September 21st I had the amazing opportunity to attend BlogPodium for the 3rd time (you can read about the previous years here and here).  This time the conference was an expanded all-day affair with 250 marvelous bloggers from across Canada and even a few from the US.

It’s been a few weeks since I attended the conference, and even though there are quite a number of really good recaps already done by attendees (you can read them here) I still wanted to do a post to share some of what I learned for those of you who didn’t go, and so I always know where my notes are ;) Blogpodium - Sarah Richardson

  • A business grows out of passion
  • When I was a kid, and I got sent to my room, I would just rearrange the furniture
  • The best thing you can do is get out there and do it – that’s how you learn and grow.
  • If you believe it, if you can dream it, I’m here to tell you it can happen – you can do it
  • When online (as with in life) think about what you’re saying, and how it will make the world a better place. Never forget the written word is a powerful thing.
  • Whether it’s your blog or your designs, you should have a signature style – it should reflect you
  • You need to have a point of view and a unique perspective in order to move ahead.
  • Never create something you wouldn’t be happy to have in your own home.
  • Design is about experimenting – about trying new things . . .I encourage you to push the boundaries
  • If you’re not comfortable in your home, nobody else will be comfortable in your home
  • Don’t over think it – Make a decision and move on
  • Trust your gut – if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right
  • It’s never worth rushing
  • Always ask – will I be proud of this in 5 years?
  • On work/life balance – There needs to be a balance – you need to have a life


  • Set Goals
    • Make short-term goals throughout the year
    • Review them periodically
    • Little goals should lead to big goals
    • Remember – don’t compare yourself to others – they have different goals
  • Prioritize
    • Accept that not everything will get done right away
    • Spend your time in useful ways, and spend it working towards your goals
    • Ask yourself what you need to get done that day and do it
    • Do what makes you feel productive that day
  • Using Organizational tools
    • Use what works for you – personalize your workflow
    • Make a to-do list
    • Use feedly, Bloglovin, Instapaper, Pinterest
    • Use a paper agenda
    • Use Evernote
    • Use an editorial calendar
    • Make notes of your ideas
  • Make the Tough decisions
    • Learn to say no – it might be hard, but in the long run it will make your life easier
    • Time is your greatest asset – invest it wisely
    • Do what works for you
  • Time Management
    • Use and editorial calendar
    • Work backwards from holidays if you’re planning a specific post
    • Brainstorm, prep, and plan ahead
    • Set up a blogging time slot everyday – write posts, plan, set goals
    • Figure out what time you work best – mornings, evenings, are you a night owl?
    • Do the task that have to be done today – stop procrastinating
    • Make your blog a priority
  • Manage emails
    • Reduce incoming emails – unsubscribe to anything to don’t read – you can always re-subscribe later
    • Aim for a zero inbox – use folders, file, delete, archive
    • Use templates for responses to frequently received emails
  • Social Media engagement
    • Rule of thirds – stick to three social media networks –chose the ones you like
    • Be active, be engaged, have a conversation
    • Use Hootsuite or similar for organization and automation of planned posts
    • Use a mix of social media for communication – don’t use all for the same post
  • Networking
    • Embrace positive networking opportunities
    • Attend blogger conferences, media previews
    • Meet new people and collaborate
    • Engage with your community
    • Learn and teach – share what you learn with others
  • Personal time
    • It’s important – take the time for yourself as needed to relax and recharge
    • Step away from the computer!
    • Learn something new
    • Celebrate your achievements
    • Find inspiration offline
    • SLEEP!!!!


  • There is no better place to spend your marketing $
  • Social media engages your customers
  • Allows you to get to know your audience, and for them to know you
  • Social media is a relationship first, selling second
  • From Neil Gazmen at Westelm – Instagram is our largest source of engagement – new products posted often sell out
  • From Meredith Heron – streamline your social media posting – use Instagram to process photos, auto post those to Facebook and Twitter. Then use those photos in your blog posts. Pin pictured from your blog to Pinterest
  • Use Hashtags for Projects
  • Meredith Heron Social Media stats:
    • Joined twitter March 2010
    • As of Sept 14,2013 – had 122,900 tweets and 9930 followers
    • Residential projects to date secured via social media (Pinterest, Instagram, etc) $1.4 million
    • Commercial projects: $500K.
  • Try the Echofon app.


  • Promote your own website
    • Submit it to other websites – curbly, Lifehacker, dwellinggawker, craftgawker
    • Comment on blogs, and try to be the first, second or third comment
    • Reply to comments on your own blog
    • Devote a certain amount of time each week to promoting your blog
    • Advertise on bigger websites
  • Check your Google page rank – the higher your rank the more you’re paid per click with Google Adsense
    • Links from large established blogs help build your page rank
  • CTR – Click Through Rate
  • CPC – Cost per click
  • CPM – Cost per thousand impressions
  • Vertical ad networks – they put ads on the sidebar of your blog. Some networks are:
    • Glam Media
    • Blogher
    • SheBlogs Canada
    • Haven Home
    • Federated Media
  • If signing up with a vertical ad network ask what their CPM, and fill rates are
  • Sell ads on your own site – Etsy sellers will be looking to advertise for Christmas
    • Generally 125px x 125px ads
  • Write an ebook
  • Sell stuff via your blog – use shopify
  • When working with magazines
    • If one of your images is good enough to for a magazine it’s good enough for you to be paid for it
    • Writing for an online magazine = $0.50/word, print magazines = $1/word
    • Photo in an online magazine – credit and link, and possibly a small fee ($25-50)
    • Photo in a print magazine: Canadian mag: $75-200, American mag: $100-400, Cover $1,500+
  • Look at your blog as a business and treat it as such
  • Call and email people and ask to work with them

I have to say it was a wonderful day, and I learned SO much. There were several other seminars which I didn’t get to attend, but thankfully we can read the presentation notes for those here (I wish I attended the Photography and Instagram workshop)

I hope to be able to implement some of the points I outlined above (especially the ones on balancing blogging and working) in the next little while. This blog, like everything, is a work in progress. I learn new things, and try new things, and hopefully it becomes better for it.

Did you go to BlogPodium? Are you already looking forward to the next one like I am? What did you learn? Have you already implemented some of those things?

*The Photo of Sarah Richardson is from her website. The last three photos used in the title images are by Anna with Love

6 thoughts on “BlogPodium 2013 – A Long Delayed recap

  1. Michelle, thank you for posting this, Great ideas here. I’ve wanted to go to a blogging conference, but for some reason they are only for women in the states.

    Does the 3rd commentor count?

    • Hi James,

      I think the 3rd commenter counts :)
      You should go to a blog conference – 99% of the attendees at BlogPodium were female, but there were a few males. Just think how easy it would be for people to remember you if you’re one of only a handful of guys!

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