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Pretty Eye-Candy at HomeSense

The last few weeks of summer mean things are ramping up at work, so by the time I get home I’d rather do anything than type on a computer or do anything house related. I took today off to give myself a lovely 4 day weekend to relax and to work on a long-delayed DIY project, but mother nature has conspired against me – it’s rather hard to spray paint outside when it’s pouring rain. Boo!

Last Friday after a long week I found myself craving something pretty so off I went to a favourite source of all things pretty – HomeSense (I actually went to two locations). I’ve promised myself I won’t purchase anything until I get a little bit more decided on the direction I want my living room to go, so this was purely a trip in search of eye candy (although there were a number of items I could have easily brought home).

It looks like white ceramic animals will continue to be popular. Here are two I spotted, and I’m honestly not sure which one I would adopt – I keep changing my mind.

Bring some Canadiana into your home with a white ceramic moose – $15

What about a white ceramic Rhinoceros – $17? (similar to one at Young House Love)

I always love the lamp section at HomeSense – there are always a few lamps I love. This trip was no different.

Lovely blue glass based lamp – $70

I LOVED this orange coral lamp, too bad I have nowhere in my house where it would work – $50

I rather liked this little console table. I think it would be lovely in an entry way.

Pretty with just a hint of mirror – $350

I loved these mint polka-a-dot sheets by Kate Spade. They also had them in coral which were  delightful too.

Mint polk-a-dot sheets – $60

I liked the scale of this side table – it wasn’t too big which would allow it to be used in a smaller living room. I think I may need something similar in my living room.

Black side table – $60. Imagine a colourful band around the top – in gold perhaps?

I LOVED this basket. It had a rounded shape which was lovely, and was available in several sizes. I picture it beside my couch filled with some cozy blankets, all ready for winter.

This one was the medium sized in this style, and was $25

Finally I thought this tufted footstool was fun. I love the bright colourful fabric and pattern.

Tufted footstool – $100

So, would you bring home any of the items above? Do you ever just go shopping to feast your eyes on pretty things – or does that just happen in my world? What are your favourite sources of pretty things?

7 thoughts on “Pretty Eye-Candy at HomeSense

  1. Those are some great finds! I love checking into Home Goods (as it’s called down here) and seeing what fun stuff they have in stock. It’s always a treat!

  2. Love that basket! I’m heading to my local HomeSense to see if they have the larger size – wish me luck! And if I hadn’t just bought my daughter a polka dot duvet cover from Ikea, I would be picking up the polka-dot coral sheets for her as well. Thanks for the post!

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