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IDS12: Part 1

After attending BlogPodium on Friday I went upstairs to The Interior Design Show and walked around, and around, and around. There was SO MUCH to see!

I fully intended to compose an informative post on all the marvelous things I saw, but after looking through the pictures I took, I think I’ll let them do the talking for me. You’ll forgive me right? I hope so. Where possible I’ve listed the website of the exhibitor.


How Do you Live? Exhibit

Gresham House -

AM Studio -

AM Studio -

AM Studio -

 Outdoor Living

How do you Live? Exhibit

Sung Outdoor,

Eliile Lounge,

Andrew Richard Designs,

Hauser Designs,


Dee Dee Taylor Hannah,

Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry,

 I think I give your scrolling finger a rest for now. I’ll post more fabulousness tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “IDS12: Part 1

  1. Oh wow – I would LOVE to have one of those giant loungy apples (like my description?) in my backyard! I might never leave it though. Great photos Michelle! The IDS is always fun – you get to see a lot of out-of-the-box thinking we don’t often see on the shelves or in magazines.

    • I couldn’t decide if I wanted the apple or the huge hammock. I don’t have a backyard, but I’ll remember both for when I do!

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